Extraction of crab, cod and halibut in the Bering Sea

Corey Arnold, photographer, traveler and fisherman, was born in California and graduated from the same high school. His father was fond of sport fishing, so Cory picked up the bait when he was only five years old. After high school, he went and entered the University of Arizona, but dropped out in 1998. The next six years, Arnold spent in California, where he enrolled in the College of Arts in San Francisco and at the same attempt at a commercial production of salmon in Bristol Bay. After earning a Bachelor of Arts Arnold decided to stay professional fisherman, sailor. Wanderlust led Arnold in the Bering Sea to catch crabs. There was a time when between fishing seasons, he lived in Oslo (Norway), but now he moved to Portland (Oregon), and every couple of months, he pulls into the open sea. After working on trawlers, he travels the world, presents its photo-exhibition, magazine shoots and devotes his spare time skeytbourdingu. At the moment, engaged in a large-scale photo chronicle lifestyle of people employed work in the fishing industry in Europe.


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