She was afraid of getting fat because of their pregnancy. And no longer is.

With 12 years Kathy Bassett suffered from teenage anorexia, overcoming the disease, then succumbing to it again. Eventually with the help of her husband, James, she managed to reach a more or less healthy weight of 57 kg at growth of 182 centimeters. But when she became pregnant at age 27, the fear of gaining weight back again. "Even in those days when I did not have signs of toxicity, I could not bring myself to eat something other than a small serving of vegetables or fruit, - said Kathy. - I knew that we should have more for the baby, but I lied to myself and told my husband that my fruit diet is quite useful. " As a result, the weight dropped to 26 kilos, life Kathy and her unborn child was threatened.

Kathy was hospitalized only 11 weeks pregnant. A blood test showed that she and her unborn child are literally dying of hunger. "I knew that killing herself and the child, but at the same time, the idea that I can grow fat, makes me panic." Doctors were forced to feed Katie gavage. And then Mrs. Bassett became literally begged them not to let her go home. "I knew I could not be trusted, I can not eat at home is normal. We are both going to die ».

The husband and the hospital staff lured Kathy delicious meal, but she could only have a tiny snack, so that food through a tube lasted almost the entire pregnancy. The child had to get prematurely by Caesarean section. He was born tiny, but gradually gaining weight. Kathy is still refused to eat, and it continues to feed nutrient mixtures. Even in the photo is visible on the neck tube Mrs. Bassett.

"Now I look at those pictures and see how I was thin, but then I felt like a fat." Child took home the father, Kathy was able to finally return home only after a year. "It was a difficult time. I saw his son only once a week. Fortunately, my mother helped her husband take care of the baby. But every time I saw Evan, I cried, because I saw how quickly it grows. I missed the moment when he began to crawl, missed his first steps ... Finally, the moment came when I realized that I need a normal life and a normal family. I forced myself to eat ».


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