Women's bodies and patterns

43-year-old New York artist Andy Golub earns tie-dye naked female bodies. He draws on these strange faces and exotic patterns, reminiscent of patterns of Aboriginal people. By the way, the artist Golub became only 33 years old, and body art took six years later. Sometimes he organizes exhibitions of photos of "their" women.

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1. Often Golub paints women in droves. At the end of the work they are stacked to form a common pattern, and the artist photographed them.


2. "freshen up" your look with Andy Golub is worth $ 250.


3. Patterns on the bodies of the models of the artist often add up to a fantastic person.


4. In creating this abstract pattern attended eight models


5. This picture did not forget to turn, it is necessary to look that way. Painted thighs, arms and breasts of women formed in the image of the well-known computer "man» Pac-man.


6. Sometimes Andy Golub takes paint and goes out into the street, where offers volunteers to experiment with your body. In this case, among its models can be men.

7. Some of the victims body art agree completely naked for a photo shoot.

8. According to Golub, at one body painting in the studio it takes about 3-4 hours on the street it is much faster.


9. Above each model for group photos the artist employs no more than 30 minutes.


10. Golub said that often turn to him the men who asked him to paint as a birthday gift their wives or girls.




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