If tomorrow the Apocalypse

Where to hide, if tomorrow the End of the World? 10 of the most secluded places in the event of a global Achtung:

1. Utah
Probably very few people in everyday life come to mind to ask for help to Mormons, but it is one of the few believers who came fully armed security during the Apocalypse. Movement of Latter-day Saints as they call themselves, thoroughly prepared for global Achtung. They are based in the US state of Utah in the United States. Its members are harvested food supplies, and is maintaining a kind of basic food garden. This will help them to remain self-sufficient, if fallen on hard times of famine in the case of global cataclysms.

2. Pyongyang, North Korea

Perhaps you will not be surprised that this country has done everything possible to prepare in the event of nuclear war. Pyongyang subway tunnels, as well as the Moscow metro, can serve as a refuge from a nuclear explosion, and residents of the capital directed to the underground tunnels during routine exercise in the event of an air attack. But this is not the only shelter in North Korea. According to some defectors from the country, there is a separate network of underground tunnels that connect the President's residence with private bunker for the president's family, as well as additional facilities and tunnels beneath the streets of Pyongyang. The question, however, is whether there is water and food supplies.

3. Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands, which are located in the South Pacific, where there is no airport or seaport, distant enough to survive any apocalypse that is not associated with changes in climate. In addition, these islands are incredibly fertile land, planted with bananas, papaya, breadfruit, coconuts, citrus fruits, beans and sweet potatoes, and around full of edible fish and lobsters. The main thing is to make friends with the neighbors because the population of the Pitcairn Islands is only about 50 people. If you're looking for an even more remote location in the world, you can choose the island of Tristan da Cunha, which is located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, numbering according to 2010 about 264 residents.

4. Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, USA

There are many shelters around the world, ranging from the German bunker end of the world, to the bunker of the Cold War in the United States and even bomboneprobivaemyh houses. But the advantage of buying existing silo of the government is that it stores in advance stockpiled materiel, and all its parts work. The area, located in Cheyenne Mountain, outside the city of Colorado Springs in the United States is no longer the location of the complex NORAD (Center combined North American Aerospace Defense Command). Being located in the mountain, the complex was built with the expectation that it will withstand the explosion mnogomegatonnoy bomb exploded a few kilometers from the village. He has six diesel generators, own natural water supply systems, and filtration systems, which can filter out biological, radiological and nuclear substances. Now complex transferred into the "hot-preservation", so that if something happens, this object will start in a few hours after the threat.

5. London, UK


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