33 amazing photos of Earth from space

Imagine, but these pictures were taken not dorogushchim satellite or telescope, and an ordinary camera Nikon. It turns out, the Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers and physicist, who is currently conducting research on the International Space Station, the real interstellar photographer. All photos, except the last, is his work. Some of them do not even look real.

1. Structure Richat in Mauritania. (flickr.com)

2. Paris at night. (flickr.com)

3. From space I wish you all a good and colorful year. (flickr.com)

4. The channels in the desert of Somalia. (flickr.com)

5. Over the Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas, Kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal in the background. (flickr.com)

6. Denmark and Copenhagen, and Oslo, Norway, Sweden and Stockholm, northern Germany and beyond. And, of course, the northern lights. (flickr.com)

7. beautiful reflection of the sun in a river in Brazil. (flickr.com)

8. The aircraft 242 miles below on the way to America. (flickr.com)

9. Southern aurora between Antarctica and Australia. (flickr.com)

10. Desert traces of hundreds of kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean. (flickr.com)

11. Ice spiral near Kamchatka, Russia. (flickr.com)

12. At sunrise and sunset, you can see the different layers of the atmosphere. (flickr.com)

13. A strong wind blows the white sand. (flickr.com)

14. The sun is reflected in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Corsica, Sardinia and Italy. (flickr.com)

15. Sandy drawing Sahara. (flickr.com)

16. Snow-covered Canada. River or centipede? (flickr.com)

17. The waves of the Indian Ocean. Interestingly, they are above or below the water surface, and which are also variable. (flickr.com)

18. Lake Powell and the Colorado River. Coolest place - warm water green, white and red rocks, blue skies. And no one around. (flickr.com)

19. The crater from a meteorite in Canada. (flickr.com)

20. The Alps are very tempting, but I did not take a skiing ... (flickr.com)

21. The moon looks the same as the ISS, and with the Earth. Only her sunrise and sunset, we see all the time. (flickr.com)

22. A year ago, I saw it from the plane and decided that I should be seen from space. Here he is - Salt Lake City. (flickr.com)

23. Sandy drawing Sahara. (flickr.com)

24. The Earth at night. (flickr.com)

25. According to the ISS commander Daniel Burbank, at the photographer's eye full of the beautiful cloud formations. (flickr.com)

26. The aircraft painted in the sky. (flickr.com)

27. As we can see the moon - clearly and slowly moving towards or away from the horizon. (flickr.com)

28. The Pacific - a huge source of beautiful photos. One of the Gilbert Islands. (flickr.com)

29. Africa meets Europe - the Strait of Gibraltar. (flickr.com)

30. Foam clouds. (flickr.com)

31. During the experiment, it was necessary to wait for 10 minutes, so I looked out the window. And I saw the volcano Etna! (flickr.com)

32. Australia - the continent stunning with beautiful formations. (flickr.com)

33. Comet C / 2011 W3 (Lovejoy), photographed ISS Commander Dan Burbank, one of the first who saw her on the day of launch.

Source: bigpicture.ru


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