Ghost Gurchenko

Author: This is the entrance, where she lived Gurchenko, her door in the photo on the right. Each photographed his friend when the lens has got "something". The story is actually in the spirit of "camp" stories about ghosts. My friend lives in Trekhprudny Lane - lives in a neighboring apartment, where she lived Markovna. Disposition of the same apartment when he - the floor below. Now the apartment is unoccupied. Previously, there was a repair - Senin (er) is arrivals (they say not too nice guy).

This is a picture not only of what the residents of the house are the creeps - recently began to create some kind of hell - the neighbors heard steps coming from the empty apartment, the hum of voices and rustling. At first they thought that there Uzbeks live that repairs done, but when one asked the Senin - he said that the builders have long left. Indeed the apartment no one comes and goes, and the strangeness continues - suddenly can ignite the light in the window, the curtains all the time in different situations. Of course, it is clear what the rumors have spread. The bike would be funny if it were not the result of "face," as they say.



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