Gold plate Voyager

Fifth September 1977 rocket was launched from the spacecraft Voyager 1. The unit flew past Jupiter and Saturn, photographed their companions and flew to the edge of the solar system. In the future, Voyager will leave the solar system, and 40 thousand years would be close (1.6 light years) from the star AC + 79 3888 in the constellation Ophiuchus. Aboard Voyager 1 is a gilded copper plate with encoded sound and color photographs.

The plate is designed for aliens, or people of the future. It is encrypted applied 115 pictures and sound track, which begins with the words of greeting in 55 languages ​​of the world. Then come the sounds of the earth, such as the sound of the tractor, the sound of a kiss, a barking dog, a whale song. Then the aliens hear a musical selection, which included classical, folk and popular works of the world. Organizers of the project would include the song Beatles «Here Comes the Sun». Himself Beatles liked the idea, but the company EMI-right holder has not given permission, thus closing the road to the group of intergalactic glory.

In addition to these materials, the plate was coated with a sound representation of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the brain of the writer and producer Ann Druyan. Within an hour she was hung with sensors and think of human society, civilization and life on earth, and at the end of the session afford to focus on what a person feels when in love. One day, all this will have to experience the dedicated scientists from faraway planet.

On the reverse side of the plate engraved instruction decoding the main data set. All sounds and images with a gold plate "Voyager" is available on a special website


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