The strangest thing, sent people into space

Over the last half century humanity has managed to distribute research probes into all corners of the solar system and even beyond it. We learned a lot about other planets, stars and galaxies, and even started, "estimate", which is necessary for establishing the colonies beyond Earth. But much time we spent fooling around: in addition to the scientific miracles in space was launched a lot of strange things. We offer you a selection of the most memorable:

1. Gold album "Voyager" (1977)

We mean gramophone records "Voyager 1" and "Voyager 2". At the bottom of the 116 recorded analog images, the sounds of nature Earth, greetings in 55 languages ​​and printed messages Jimmy Carter and UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

2. Fallen astronaut from Paul Van Heydonka (1971)

Duke Charles was the pilot of the lunar module "Apollo 16" and the youngest man (37 years old) ever set foot on the moon. Before we leave our natural satellite, he left a photograph of his family.

3. Marks on "Apollo 15" (1971)

Module "Apollo 15" were brought into space 385 cards, and on his return to Earth they were all sold out. Some autographed crew, some without.

4. Golf on the Moon (1971)

Sixth of February 1971, Alan Shepard launched into space two golf ball with the Moon, after which the module "Apollo 14" left the satellite.

5. Operation PARIS: paper plane went into space (2010)

British Team - Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines made a paper plane. Its wingspan was about one and a half meters. The aircraft was sent into space by a helium-filled balloon, and the subject had to climb to a height of 30 kilometers, and then the balloon burst. It is a pleasure guys cost $ 12 500.

6. Ruhnama and the Turkmen flag in Japanese satellites (2001)

Ruhnama, the Book of the Soul, written by Saparmurat Niyazov, the former president of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen flag in special capsules were launched into space by two Japanese satellites. Rahman - is the spiritual guide of the Turkmen people. The capsules should return home, the commercials in 2151.

7. The man-of Lego with the Canadian flag (2013)

A month ago, two Canadian teenager was sent into space "legonavta" on helium balloon. The object rose to a height of 25 kilometers. Seventeen year old Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad had done for him a platform from foam box, which placed four old digital cameras, camcorders and GPS. Photos, "made" legonavtom can see his account in facebook.



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