10 old things that still work

Technology evolves, changes, improved. But it turns out, there are some old devices that are still in force. Even despite the fact that several generations of their descendants, the grandparents are still quite viable. Old things are sometimes more reliable and survivable than the most modern inventions.

1. More than 111 years at the fire station in Livermore, California is burning the oldest light bulb. Moreover, its burning almost continuously - except for the case when it is turned off for exactly one week.

2. For several years, Harry Cox continues to use a vacuum cleaner 1904 model year. This unit he found in a landfill near the plant running.

3. In the kitchen Rosemary Kinghorn "live" modest refrigerator that her family bought 77 years ago. During all this time an old cooler had not been repaired, and continues to perform well.

4. The oldest operating computer is also occupies a room in the Ikeda Memorial Hall (Japan). FACOM 128B was established in 1958 and is still functioning without exceeding performance banal calculator.


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