Unidentified line of well-known brands

When teaching marketers are taught that to be successful - the foreign goods must adapt to the specifics of the country's sales.
That is why the well-known brands izgalyatsya and adapt their product to the preferences of the end user.
Well, that's what comes out of it ...

In New Zealand, children Kiwiburger with beetroot and egg.

Beef a la Rus with black bread in Russia.

In Hong Kong McDonald's Big Mac to sell rice rolls, meat filling, similar to the CAM with stewed vegetables.

Indian vegetarian burger Maharadzhamak.

In Thailand, sold Pringles chips flavored crabs and seaweed.

In California, Lay's potato chips are sold with taste of lime.


In the US and some other countries can stretit blue M & M`s with crisp air rice.

France and Greece - the only country in the world where cocoa mascot «Nesquik» originally was not a rabbit Quick and yellow character called Grosquik.

Currently, the world produces about 70 different kinds of drinks Fanta: in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia sold Fanta-Shokata with elderberry,

Armenia sells delicious Fanta Exotic (with her usual drink more orange, lemon and mango, which are also sold),

to Switzerland and the Netherlands sold Fanta flavored blackcurrant.

Production of the company Coca-Cola.

In India alone, Coca-Cola produces mango drink Maaza.

In Germany, a very popular drink like spezi, is a mixture of cola with a phantom in a ratio of 1: 1. He even manufactured by coca-cola in addition to the standard trio of cola-fanta-sprite called Mezzo mix.

In France, Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Lithuania can be found Coca-Cola BlāK flavored coffee. It must be a combination of Soul Plane.

Japan limited editions sold drinks Pepsi White flavored yogurt

... And Pepsi Ice Cucumber tasteful cucumber.

In the UK, PepsiCo manufactures natural drink with herbal extracts Pepsi Raw. in the US the same drink is known as Pepsi Natural. In other countries, it is not for sale.


Schweppes, which we do not.

Colgate tooth powder is sold in India.

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