Cafe for kotolyubov

In Japan, there are special cafe for a cat owner. A thousand yen per hour (about 10 US dollars) can be all you want to stroke, squeeze, ruffles, play, feed, caress any vending cat. And there's a lot of cats! Each «Cat cafe» not less than ten assorted beauties, and some even more than twenty. Can you imagine? Do you drink coffee, surrounded by twenty cats!

Cats in a cafe live a beautiful life - everyone has their own individual house, their toys, their mats to rest.
10 ph via ya-parazit

In addition to the cats in the cafe there is wi-fi, coffee and desserts. All this is already included in the price of "dialogue" with cats.
The only condition that is put forward for the visitors cafe owners - it is hygiene. To avoid accidentally infect seals have to wear sterile disposable socks and slippers and wash their hands antiseptic.

In Japan, a hell of a tax on the animals, and to make koshatinku, for example, the need to go "all circles hell" - respectively, for many the only chance to talk with the cat - such cafes.

First Cat Café «Cat cafe» opened in Osaka in 2004 and immediately won wide popularity among the Japanese.











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