Top 10 most bizarre abilities of people

1. Lipodystrophy - or complete lack of body fat has become a real punishment for the 59-year-old Mr. Perry (United Kingdom). He can eat anything you like - fat donuts, cakes, desserts and not gaining weight or per gram - his body instantly burn any fat, causing the skin to skin-tight muscles and cause a lot of discomfort. As a child he was very thick, but at the age of 12 years lost literally overnight, and since any attempt to grow stout fiasco.

2. The 24-year-old Sarah Carmen, a resident of the UK, suffering permanent sexual arousal syndrome and experiencing 200 orgasms a day from any vibration or oscillation, be it a trip to transport at rush hour or biking. However, this only brings her suffering

3. 48-year-old Dane Wim Hof ​​can swim in the Arctic waters, climb Mont Blanc in shorts and sit for hours in the freezer. Doctors have not been able to understand the mystery of the body, but Wim feels comfortable only at low temperatures, many of which are detrimental to any normal person.

4. Three-year baby Rhett Lamb from his birth not for a moment he closes his eyes and did not sleep a single night. The reason lies in the rare anomaly - Chiari syndrome. The brain of the baby greatly deformed, in particular the barrel and damaged the bridge, which are clamped inside the spinal column. It is these departments are responsible for the key functions of the body - we are breathing, sleeping and so on. D.

5. Teenager Ashley Morris Melbourne devoid of joy to take a shower or soak in the bath. Total drop of water even if it's sweat, it leads to a painful allergy and severe rashes. According to experts, Ashley is a very rare form of allergy - water urticaria. In the world of recorded only a few such cases.


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