The father of five children covered a grenade

Wednesday, April 25, at the entrance to the closed city Vilyuchinsk (here is the base of nuclear submarines), was detained 48-year-old civil engineer, who tried to get in without a pass military town. The guards took him to the PPC to learn about the purpose of the visit, and took a passport. However, the engineer was not inclined to talk. He pulled out a grenade F-1, pulled out the ring and demanded that he immediately returned the document. Promising otherwise blow PPC together with the guards ...

At the entrance to the city at this time, it has accumulated a large group of buses and cars. Behind the wheel of the Japanese truck "Toyota-Lit-Ice" was the father of five children, Valery Zolochevsky. He saw a man ran out of the PPC with some object in his hand. Behind him, shouting: "Grenade!" Semyon city guards military divers. The fleeing man threw a grenade on the road. It landed near the car Zolochiv. Valery bullet popped out from behind the wheel, took the ammunition in his hand pressed to his stomach and fell to the pavement, face down. After lying for a few seconds, he felt alert. And if there is a check on the grenade, it should not explode. Valery rose, looked at the F-1 and determined that the most likely holding a fake. However, much like the Battle instance ...

The guards at the time tried unsuccessfully to subdue the would-be terrorist, who did not want to give up without a fight. It zolochiv again had to intervene. He rolled rowdy and kept up until his wrists are not snapped the handcuffs. Only after this many children's father sighed and went home ...



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