6th Festival of chocolate in Versoix

Chocolate Festival in Versoix, a wonderful town on the shores of Lake Leman, 10 kilometers from Geneva, carried out only in the 6th time, and it seemed he was always here!
Spring day in March to choose the perfect chocolate has not melted in the sun, but only in the mouth. Or, as is also customary in Switzerland, it is melted and make the fund into which dipped pieces of fruit.

28 photo by mr.KIO

Lindt shook Smart
and handed out chocolates to passersby

Factory almost like from the movie Charlie Barton

Factory Tour

Hot chocolate to the masses, and at no cost

Chocolate bar 2 meters in width

For children Chocolate Train
in terms of factory

For some, it's almost as good as the wine fair-tasting (and a lot of them held in the country of banks and cheese), for others - even much better! Manufacturers of chocolate brought here by their elite products not only from romandskoy Switzerland, but also from nearby France. The festival - tasting exhibition-fair of confectionery, presentations, master classes and music. Admission is free,

Cookies with jam

Cocoa bean

And for Truffles




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