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Slamball - a sport invented not so long ago in America is taken as a basis mainly basketball. The meaning of the game just to hit the ball in the ring opponent. The main difference is in the coating instead of parquet used trampolines to help athletes gain the necessary height for slemdankov. Regulations allow a certain force contact, the team consists of 4 players.

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Since there is no global slembolnoy Federation, the rules at the moment are not stable.

In total, the site is located eight trampolines, 4 in the rings in both halves. Points in slamball credited after hitting the ball in the basket on the other team. The team with the end of the game the most points wins. If the player does not touch the rim of the ring, his successful throw is estimated at 2 points, if it slemdank - in 3. Also 3 points assessed shot from behind 3-point line.

The game consists of four five-minute quarters. The game begins with a face-off in the center of the area after the ball reached the highest point in flight, players can start fighting for it. Between the two halves consisting of two quarters, held a 10-minute break. Only in the last 2 minutes of the game, each team is allowed one timeout. The team can only hold the ball for 20 seconds.

Power contact is allowed, but there are certain restrictions, such as can not attack the player with the ball, unless he knocks him on the ground. Also prohibited are hitting back.


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Players are divided by positions
Handler (Handler) - is a leading player in the attack, a pioneer in the attacks.
Gunner (Gunner) when players more frequently than others puts the ball in the basket.
Goalkeeper (Stopper) - a major player protection, periodically connected to the attacks.

This game came up with Mason Gordon, who wanted to create a combination of different kinds of sports, to result in a real sport coincides with the level of video games. With the realization of his ideas helped him to TV producer Mike Tolya.

The first area slamball was built in a warehouse in the north of Los Angeles. For playing street ball players were invited to 5 (James Willis, Michael Goldman, Sean Jackson, David Redmond and Jeff Sherridan). These players entered the first two teams, "Los Angeles Rumble" and "Chicago Mob," which in 2001 held the first match, which bore the status of demonstration.

Then the draft was held 60 of the 400 players selected for the first season in 2002, which was also attended by the "devil", "style", "Baunsers" and "Sleshers." "Rumble" payoffs first season.

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