Ukrainian anti-terrorism know-how

After Dnepropetrovsk "terrorist attacks" in Ukraine started a real urnofobiya. In different cities of the boxes in every way expelled from the streets, as if tanks waste - the only place where you can lay a charge, and eliminate them, you can defeat terrorism throughout the country.
Yesterday in Donetsk Yanukovych has arrived, and the center of the night, of course, gone all the concrete boxes. Terrorists are seeing this, burst into tears, took offense and went to Iraq, where the urn away did not occur. The President is now in complete safety.

But the coolest Rovenky arrived in Luhansk region. The authorities of the town, imagines that their hole is of interest to terrorists, they found nothing better than to roll polyethylene boxes at the station and other public places.

It seems to be a favorite city can sleep peacefully, but there it was. The terrorists Rovenky found a considerable number of supporters. Saboteurs steel throw trash directly to PE. Leaky and burning through the protective layer of cigarette butts, thus exposing the terrorist threat civilians.

Then they began to fill with sand boxes, and then later bandaging. But most importantly! The main thing * new tasks, that next to them began to put bins, because his throw still need somewhere.

Above the photo, I laughed for about five minutes. In my opinion, this is the most accurate illustration magnus * ECA, creating in the minds of our citizens. Dude, throw trash in the bins rolled up reminds me a cat that keeps reflexively paw scrape your pot, even after I stopped to pour a special filler. About the bucket, I'm not talking - a Nobel Prize, with no options.



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