About obscenity pussy

It all began with a vaudeville, which was very popular in the late 19th century.
In 1890 some sisters Barrison (facts about them are scarce and of little interest) presented the public of the United States staging a musical "Dance of the cats." The only thing known for certain: the ladies did not have special artistic abilities, but the glory of ambiguities on the stage.

The aforementioned vaudeville sister, at the climax, lifted the skirt and the audience shouted: «Would you like to see my pussy?» (Would you like to see my cat?). After receiving the response from the audience, they raised their skirts and open underwear (own production) in the pocket which, between his legs, was actually hidden a live kitten.

So, this cute and sweet trick kote are the reason that people have gone indecent (slang) use of the word «pussy». Its something subsequently translated into other languages ​​with a new interpretation of the relevant.

Now you know that represents obscenity «pussy»

Source: live-imho.livejournal.com


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