Flowering rapeseed in China

Flowering rape - is a stunner, which is not only to admire him, but in order to capture this amazing picture of her beauty. That is why in mid-March in the city of Huangshan, located in eastern China, annually attracts thousands of photos from around the world, as well as ordinary lovers of natural beauty.

Rape (lat. Brássica nápus) - kind of herbaceous plants of the genus Brassica cabbage family (Cruciferae). Important oil plant; the economic significance of rape by the end of the XX century has increased substantially due to the fact that it began to be used to produce biodiesel.

It is interesting to note that in the spring in China, few people and recalls the agricultural value of rapeseed, instead, all enjoy views studded with golden flowers rape mountains and valleys.

In the period from March 3 to April 10 photo of a blossoming rape can make anyone, then picture provided to the Committee, whose members will evaluate the images and select the winners of the photo contest.


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