Photos taken during a trip to Namibia.

Alexander the Greek, the chief editor of the Russian edition of National Geographic Traveler published his photos taken during a trip to Namibia. From this release, you'll learn about the inhabitants of the country - the Himba and Herero ethnic groups.
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1 .. Mom Himba

Himba people - the card of Namibia. All love to shoot smeared with ocher and leading almost primitive way of life of people. It's hard to say how much their present village, which is located near the modern village Purros more. Relatively modern, of course. But really live the Himba people of the Stone Age ...
2. Grandmother Himba

3. Three girls Himba go from village to fetch water

4. Pope Himba

5. The child Himba

6. Himba village chief. To me it seemed like the actor Morgan Freeman. How does it look in his eyes or something. Maybe a distant cousin. A blue eyes (if you look at the iris) scared me at first, how I think the Africans blue eyes. Then they told me that it is a cataract, which is not treated, this effect creates a blue dragged

7. Grandma Himba. If anyone remembers Haggard novel "King Solomon's Mines" - will remember that this is obviously old Gaguliya, who lived hundreds of years and did not change the appearance. Yes and adventure haggardovskie proihodit somewhere in neighboring areas.

Himba, coherer and lions
On the last day of the camp Skeleton Coast we go in the direction opposite from the coast. The desert here just seems lifeless. Abroad park in a remote steppe suddenly worth a brand new sign - note the winding road. Near grazing antelope hundreds Base. Elaine calls them oraksami. At one point on the hill notice meerkat family. They curiously peeking out of the grass and watching us. Right under the mountain another camp with luxury Lodge, as Elaine says they fixed the internet and now instead of the tourists explore the area sitting on the Web.
However, she told me about "Country Russian" in their camp on the shore Sveletov. He came with a luxurious blonde, spent several days in an expensive camp, did not go anywhere, but only drank vodka all day and dragged the blonde in the cabin. All. I, of course, presented as he then came home and told me how to drink vodka in Africa. That's just it worth to fly so far.

Soon come to the village Purros - a few tens of square houses stand on a windswept plain. They do not even look for houses and containers. Here people live Herero - for women in fashion vintage dress and strange hats, making every woman looks like a hammerhead shark. A few kilometers away there is the traditional village of Himba people. A few poor huts smeared with red clay. And a lot of the locals, such as red. They are smeared with ocher with impurities - is that this mixture protects people from the sun and insects. They rubbed brick red powder from head to toe, girls hair braided in pigtails and also under the "powder". Gradually, this color is all around - mats, floors, walls ... We are allowed in the village and a special guide provovodit around to each cabin. Himba accustomed to tourists, they are masters crafts, and so live. When the old woman, wringing large by local standards, the price for a wooden elephant, even Elaine shakes her head emphatically. But I do not dare to bargain with an old woman in a loincloth of cowhide.
In the car in the mirror suddenly I see someone like the man of the Himba. Hardly recognized myself, some of the paint and the Himba migrated to me.

9.Devushka just watching

11. A man attentively watching me, watching girls

12. And the children play with a ball like any other

13. The old man tinkering crafts - then all it is sold to tourists

14. Looking into her eyes hard not to buy some trifle

15. fashionista of the Herero tribe. Dream, not a woman

16. The boys Herero wash right on the street. But the confusion they found only when I started to shoot

17. Children have the Herero school - it helps local businesses. So to say, the social burden. With a bit of help Abramovich in Chukotka

18. Although football fields is clearly not enough.

19. Namibitsy very beautiful. This can be on the podium right away



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