Urban legends for children

Remember the horror stories and urban legends of your childhood? Of course, this is all speculation, but in the early years of these stories are taken at face value.

Red film.

The bottom line is that if a special charge the camera down red tape and take a picture of any girl, you can get a playboy noodles. Since her dress not.

Blade in chewing gum

Simultaneously with the beginning of the massive sales of imported chewing gum, there were rumors about a grand diversion Americans. It has been argued that in a violent fit of Russophobia, evil bourgeois natolkali in gum blades. Since then, many remained habit zhёvku before use to break into two halves.

The machine for the ruble

The street was argued that there are offices that accept USSR jubilee rubles at the rate of 1 ruble - OKA car. The reasons for such generosity is that this is the iron ruble actually are more than half consists of platiny.Kak option - from irdiya, or "rare earth", which was so secret that the name no one knew him.

The final cartoon in the game, "Well wait a minute»

Was such a portable game "The wolf catches eggs." It was argued that if the score points, more than a certain amount, then the game ends and you are awesome cartoon show. Moreover, the number of looked a cartoon that was directly proportional to the amount of the necessary points.


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