Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi (Kobi Levi)

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi (Kobi Levi) likes to combine the incompatible: for example, bananas and shoes, shoes and slippers, and a slingshot or trolley from the supermarket. The author even though calls his sculptures, but claims that any of them are quite suitable to wear. With this statement, you can bet it is hard to imagine that someone dared to wear it - outrageous Lady Gaga is not counted. But look at the unusual shoes in any case interesting.

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Here is how the author describes his creative process: "I can think of some way, and a desire to create a new product. As a result of this combination of images and shoes, a new hybrid - suitable to wear sculpture. Most of my ideas go beyond the "World Shoe", why shoes are experiencing a significant transformation. The result is a humorous and unique. " All shoes Kobi Levi makes by hand from leather and other materials in his studio.

"When I designed the next pair of shoes, I think of it as a sculpture, which can be worn as a work of art, with which you can live. You and your body will affect the appearance of shoes, and they, in turn, affect your image. Shoes life of its own, whether it is on someone's leg or not, unlike clothes that exists only in humans, "- says Kobi Levi.

Kobi Levi - Israeli designer. He graduated from the Bezalel academy of art & design (Jerusalem) in 2001. He currently works freelance, working with Israeli and international companies. The author also worked on the design of its own line of footwear, which should appear in Tel Aviv.




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