Winter flood in Yekaterinburg

Moreover, in Yekaterinburg it snowed, so more and burst pipes.
In some places, the town cars began to sink, and the city was in huge traffic jams.
I propose to see photos and read comments eyewitness.

24 photos via live_report

Many kilometers tube. View towards the sponsorship from the bridge on the side of Malyshev in reinforced concrete.

Sea on patronage. This is the lowest section of the street, in the summer there are periodic puddles from the rain and maybe from the same accident. In winter, I see this for the first time.

View towards the lake. Shartash. These machines could not slip through the water obstacle.

Rescuers lift people out of cars brought in rubber suits.

In the role of rescuers were firefighters.

A car waiting in the wings.


To help hurry machines other machines.

Pull the pull - that pulled Kamaz.

Machines are many, and one tractor.

"Fish in beer - it's us!»

That's another pulled.


and another

"Chelyuskin in ice»

While some saved people and machines, others cleaned the drain. I do not know how much it helped. Water, they say, was for a long time.

Meanwhile, all these people standing in a traffic jam on patronage (view toward Elmasha)
And now that it was in the center of the city.

Crossroads Malyshev - March 8 to the middle of the day is already cleared. Rather - just shoveled ice and slush on obchinu.

The same along the street. March 8 down to Radishcheva.

But the plot Radishcheva from 8 March to Dobrolyubova was still closed - then worked as a technician.

That's how it worked.

Although entry to Chernyshevsky was blocked car traffic police, someone still produced.

At first I was glad that here and work mentoring newcomers yellow tractor. But as it turned out, the dirty work makes an old tractor Belarus.

On this machine, you can assess the level of water standing on the street.



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