Unusual office: Black Monitors

Once upon a time, in his editorial NedoSMI, I proudly wrote how to deal with a telephone agent, not just call the home. As he fired him after his treacherous questions, saying that it was a test of leadership, and it should now go to the personnel department and write a statement. A female agent crestfallen agreed that it is useless worker, and I think that saved the company from a bad employee, and she herself from an unsuitable profession. Now, I am ashamed.

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 - And why are you ashamed? - He asks me blind guide call center.
 - Well, if I knew all these people ringing to the blind ...
 - What would you change?
 - I have not talked to them, whether that ...
 - Not necessary. When a person feels condescending, it degrades.
 - But in fact, I fired her! There is a lot of work for the visually impaired?
 - Wow, almost none, except for this ...

Europe's largest call center for people with disabilities. The two buildings can work simultaneously 2400 people. Round the clock. I came here tonight.

Driving evacuation Braille. Perhaps the most unusual plan that I've seen.

Tracks with an exclusion zone between them. In oncoming here no one goes, they all move strictly on his band.
But the yellow circles to glue on the door of the shop, do not indicate the entrance and glass. Visually impaired person can not miss it. The door is marked in orange semicircle around a large pen. If it is hinged in two halves, the circle


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