Africans obtain food

Africans - people brave. They go to the most absurd things, to produce their own food.
Risk is justified, it is necessary to survive. But this method of production, it seems to me absurd.

Residents of an African village to get food for themselves that take it from the lions.
The most important thing in this risky expedition, so it is as inconspicuous as possible to get close to feasting lvam.Glavnoe according hunters is a need to be able to wait, you need a moment when the lions a pause during pirshestva.Togda hunters stand up to his full height and go straight to a group of lions .Vsё depends on the determination with which the hunters coming to the place of rendezvous, the main thing is not to hurry back. Everything should be done slowly and plavno.Ot such impudence lions usually depart aside and watch the brazen trio with hand installation here comes the climax, the hunters quickly cut production lions into large pieces, but that it could carry on his hands, and lions feel that their stupid deceived, but not return speshat.Glavnoe time to leave, but again too slow.


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