Bodies of man, lost the original function

In the human body has several unnecessary parts, which do not have an important role and operates the primary tasks.
They can be removed without damage, and not to think about them.
Let's see what kind of a body part.

Charles Darwin pointed to these "residual" authorities as proof of his theory of evolution. Only on the basis that the disused organs of one species turned out to look like a functioning organs of another species, biologists have concluded that two completely different in the rest of the living creatures should combine common ancestor.

Appendix: Little appendix cecum no longer participate in the digestion of food. Anyway, people with remote appendix do not believe that they have lost something valuable. But in vertebrates, feed on plants, this body is still functioning part of the digestive system and today.

A 2009 study showed that the human appendix could be a kind of storehouse of beneficial microorganisms, which came to the aid in case of troubles like diarrhea.

Coccyx: If you go down to the very base of the family tree, and there, according to Darwin, each of us should show tailed relatives. Generally mammals use the tail to maintain balance, and a man, when he learned to walk, the tail fell away as useless, turning several fused vertebrae, which we call the coccyx.

Nipples in men: Of course, the presence of nipples in males does not mean that they came from women. Just at the very early stage of development in the womb a human baby does not yet have the floor. And, just in case it develops as a girl. And then testosterone changes the direction of development in one way or another. And by the way, there are cases where men were able to produce milk, and some have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast.

Erector Pili and other body hair: "Goosebumps" exists not only as an indicator that you froze. In many animals, if they feel threatened, Wool "stands on end", ie raised the hairs on the body. This allows the animal appear larger and more terrible. Our ancestors, hairy monsters, so the quality was very handy.


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