Hotel for bikers

Blogger sukadodgers been very curious Msta and shares his impressions writes in his blog: The original "bike hotel" on the highway M-4 motel Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy, 932 klm. highway M-4 "Don" growth. region.
7 ph

1. stylized bike with the frame and the frame as a skeleton

2. In fact, it is even more of a hotel for motorcyclists, it is rather a hotel in Moto-style as any special or specialized services for bikers I have not found.

3. Cost Double room in December 2300 was RUR.


5. I read on the internet that on arrival at the motel needs a deposit of 1,000 rubles. It turned out not to be true)

6. Despite the fact that the bike stands on a pedestal Girl retsepshene said that he really acting.

7. Monument motorcycles bike around the hotel.



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