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So, to the ambulance in Novosibirsk is not all that bad, high wages was shocked, because we are an order of magnitude lower than so, salaries for nurses and medical clinics in the northern capital.

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this is the salary of the doctor

and the salary is far from the amount allocated to the bright (and retain Charge) itself salary - this line BEAC

the salary of nurses is even lower ... we paid for 1, 5 rate (on average) for 7-8 thousand nurses, orderlies and doctors in the 10-15 month! Well, the state of health clinics in general makes no sense to photograph, describe, and all so everyone knows, not just visited, repair and more or less present in a decent view of all at his own expense, many little things every day buy for yourself - garbage bags and etc., etc.. So I recently sheathed a chair as he could)

doctor workplace, installing 80-90s, breaking almost every day, today broke water pistol) repaired)

the remaining seats in a deplorable state

Well, the issue of sterility - filter condensate from the compressor that blows in the patient's mouth, by the way when the old compressor broke down, the whole year the doctor was forced to work on other people's plants because the compressor is 30 thousand rubles, and of our clinic for a year it had been saving and allocated (for reference - in the dental office, there are paid services - treatment using light-curing composites - the average annual net profit earned by the clinic just for this service from 500 thousand rubles to 700 thousand rubles)
I have everything)



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