Dolce Gabbana Chinese spill

Writes Leonid Varlamov:

Love Chinese counterfeits of famous brands? Today is your day!
It is also open to all who wear X & G jacket and jeans Lovis

12 ph

1. All products are light industry lives here in these bales. They are somewhat smaller than the double mattress, but the Chinese do not work on the little things, the poet of the huge pile of bales can build a box of any size.

2. This stevedores still on the line and a model number of Armani sleep.

3. Dolce Gabbana cycle in nature is quite simple. First, in some factory in China, sewing a shirt, and then, if your multi-brand boutique in Syzran does not work directly with the factory, shirt move into the wholesale clothing market. Later in the course of entering one of the many offices, nesting all around major markets, providing services "where to send? Moscow? Novosibirsk? Almaty? fast, no problem, all you can, pay, everything is done "Then our shirts surfaced on Cherkizon. But last year, he broke a great chain, one end of a blow to the Chinese, on the other boutique in Syzran. Now we have to develop new schemes.

4. If the above-mentioned multi-brand boutique in Syzran prefers only exclusive things in piece quantity, wholesale market shirts migrate to the retail market, where busty aunt rams them into elegant plaid bags. After going through the formality of a "You're flying to Ekaterinburg? You can attach to your luggage, I overweight? "Shirt great path ends at the store.

5. Then the body of the shirt is on simple or complex worker, for a while worn, and then goes into the category of "holiday" or "podmashinolezhachnyh." In the end it turns out in a landfill decomposes to water, carbon dioxide and other nutrients, which in turn is absorbed by plants. Some Chinese workers eat plants and will have the strength to another part of the plant to make the fiber and make a new shirt.

6. But life jacket DG unthinkable without the beautiful labels. With this absolutely no problem. There are a huge number of shops specializing only on labels, Labels, security holograms, etc. It also bought paper bags with large letters DG or Gucci, which would later be to the holes zanashivatsya Russian student.

7. Showcase of Chinese shops do not show what is available, which means two things: we are doing this (labels / banners / LED / toilet paper) and we can do everything. It does not need to come to the question "What have you handle?" And "I need here is just to the top was velvet, bottom iron, gold lettering, kaёmka azure and engraving of" Made in France "laser»

8. It looks about the retail clothing market.

9. Here you can buy a bag for 5 yuan (about 20 rubles).

10. In recent years, and the situation in China is beginning to change. Firstly, with an increase in production capacity increasing number of different price and quality imitations of the same product. I myself remember very well how seven years ago there were only one, original headphones company X. Then there were significantly cheaper copy. Now the number of copies of different quality and price has increased even more. And if buying on ebay, it is hoped the existence of a correlation between price and quality, in a Moscow store can shove anything at any price. Thus the appearance of all copies of the same, including packaging, with an absolute difference in sound.

11. The second point is that many Chinese people are beginning to see the good life and their appetites are growing. Whereas previously the Chinese were happy to sew boots for western firms, but now others want to increase salaries. Hire the illiterate villagers on how a high-quality and complex production is often impossible. Plus do urban Chinese are not very happy to see their rural compatriots. Therefore, many campaigns that keep production in China, are considering to transfer him to Bangladesh, Cambodia, etc.

12. But do not worry, you still have enough time left to buy the product of Chinese workers with the inscription "Made in China" or without it.



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