The very first geothermal power plant USSR

The power station is located almost at the southern-most peninsula of Kamchatka.
A little bit about it: geothermal power (geothermal power plant) - power plant that produces electric power from thermal energy of underground sources of natural heat of the planet. Borehole heat supplied either as a vapor or in the form of hot water. In volcanic areas, Kojima, without a shadow of doubt is Kamchatka, groundwater heated above the boiling point at a relatively shallow depth. As the cracks in the crust of water (steam) rises to the surface, manifesting itself in the form of geysers, or simply as "steaming" of the earth.

For avoidance of doubt, the direction of movement is indicated by a pair of special markers.

Hot steam is not very useful for pipelines because of different salts, acids, and other hydrogen sulfide. Part of the condensate is removed immediately, forming amazing "acid" river.

"Work" field of geothermal power station - is a network of wells. Some of them work, others - experimental, and others - are clogged, and so on. From several of these hot steam is piped to the steam turbine plant installed in a control room. The turbine spins a generator. Produces electricity. Electricity and hot water (condensate formed in the process) is supplied to consumers. Everyone is happy.

Initiated a homegrown Internet environmentalists just in case report - 50 m downstream of the creek people bathe in it. This is not a waste. This is natural. This is useful. Unless you are a steel pipe, of course.

And it's all the same creek.


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