Myths about alcohol

Myths about alcohol live for centuries, but modern civilization must be understood in drinking a lot more of our ancestors.
Let's see where the truth and where the myth.

1. The myth of the beer belly


This is the fate of every beer lover. Evidence - more than enough. Surrounded by all of us there is at least one friend, colleague or family member with a rounded, as a decent pregnancy, stomach. Regardless of gender.


No beer belly does not happen. This outstanding piece of your body is not related to the consumption of beer. The evidence? Please!

University College London and the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague conducted a study involving two thousand Czechs both sexes. And the Czechs are known to be great experts of the beer. Scientists have figured out how much each of them consume beer as eating, all carefully weighed and measured the waist.

Among the subjects were as complete pivogoliki and amateurs to sit in good company with a fine sense of proportion. After all the calculations turned out that there was no direct connection between the bulging belly and consumption of beer is not in sight.

That is the beer, of course, the product is relatively high-calorie and excessive consumption, as well as any gastronomic excess, can affect the figure. But settle these kilos on his stomach or on any other place, and settle it at all, depends on how lucky you are to genes and how often do you visit the gym.

2. The myth of the hallucinogenic properties of absinth


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