USSR-2061: Stone Belt

Today, June 20, 2011 in the art community, "USSR-2061" opens the vote, which will be completed no earlier than July 10. It defines the choice of the Audience Award competition "Stone Belt". Three winners will receive valuable prizes.

We have dedicated our competition Soviet pilots, geologists and miners - all who mastered Belt Asteroidov.Istoriya Soviet Union is not specified: we gave her at the mercy of our members to maximize untie their hands.
We are not so important, whether there existed Union continuously since 1922, or, on the contrary, has been recreated in some 2022.
This value is only one thing: the future must be such that it wanted to survive.

Compared with the previous contest in the number of jobs increased by more than two times. And their quality was such that we decided not to reduce them.
However, more than eight dozen pictures tell everything better than any words. We apologize in advance for the great post, but it's worth it.
The works are in the order in which you came to us. Voting - at the end. You can choose as much work as you like.

Link to the vote -

[1/16] Remember

[2/16] agitation

[3/16] Asteroid B-612

[4/16] New Frontiers

[5/16] Geological analysis. 2061g

[6/16] Ekzogeolog

[7/16] Mine "Titan 27C»

[8/16] 38ya team ekstraterralnoy engineering-geological exploration "Stone Belt 4m." technical break "to scratch".

[9/16] Sunset on the B-612

[10/16] How could you forget to close the gate at the station ?!

[11/16]-mining station "Vostok 4»

[12/16] Drillers external parties

[13/16] News home

[14/16] Satellite Museum

[15/16] Base

[16/16] The development of Ceres



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