On a yacht in the Black Sea - from Amasra in Ochakov

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All good things come to an end. Unfortunately, of course. So our stay in Turkey came to an end, and it was time to go back to Nikolaev. But as the Customs at the port of Bartin are (on the Turkish side), and Ukrainian - in Ochakov, when you exit from Turkey had to come first in Bartin, and then in Ukraine
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1. Last look at Amasra, and go along the coast to Bartin. The city itself is in the depth and on the beach - only port

2. Therefore, all food, water and alcohol buy in Amasra. In Bartın will only stop on the paperwork.

3. They came into port. Typically, such a port - cranes, cargo ships, machinery.

4. Work in full swing.

5. Suddenly analogue base in Balaklava. The rock - two portals, and top - kilometers of barbed wire, PPC, towers and other attributes of a military presence.

6. Here's our boat. On the calendar, August 5, 2010 - exactly one year ago.

7. It turned out that Zenith - Ukrainian crew. They came up to us, seeing that we are under the Ukrainian flag. We chatted about all sorts of different. The boys were very surprised that we have on this boat go through the Black Sea. In their eyes, we were a little loonies

8. Turkish Customs over very quickly.

9. Bow cabin on a yacht, where I spent two weeks. On each side - shelf card, items and ship the library. The term "cot" - water tank 150 liters.

10. Now head north, or rather, to the north-northwest.


12. The main problem in the transition across the sea - this is something that absolutely nothing happens. This ship ("PM-138") - the only significant event for August 6. We read books, talk and swim. And, of course, we eat all kinds of sweets. The wind subsided or became or counter. Go under the motor. The speed of about 5-6 knots. It is 9-10 kilometers per hour. Though you burst, though do anything, will not get. A distance that we need to go - about 550 kilometers. Day stage on the machine, but in the sea it was two and a half days. And yes, it is very hot. Of course, the proximity of the sea smooths it, but swim about every hour and the Black Sea at the center has been very transparent.

13. Aug. 7. I - Assistant shift, entertained him with talk and do not give sleep for 4 hours. Sunrise is beautiful, but terribly sleepy. It would seem that all have talked ...

14. Every half an hour - a little sip some local Turkish arykovki from which the eyes climb on your ass and sleep like a hand shoots. Oh, invigorates.

15. I have so much I can not drink, and I was already disgusted by the smell of one, when Oleg opens the bottle to sip a little of this infernal liquid.

16. Around the peace and quiet. As long as there is wind - easy to rustle under sail. Complete peace and unity with the world.

17. What kind of starry nights over the sea. m ... Unfortunately, lift it on a moving boat is absolutely impossible.


19. Aug. 8. At night passed drilling platforms. I was very surprised when I saw them. Somehow it did not expect. Today should come in Ochakov.

20. All the good mood. Soon be home. Well, I still have to fly to Moscow, of course, but still almost home.

21. Remote control boat.

22. ZHPS closeup. Black Triangle - is us. We approach the Tendra (Tendrov Spit).

23. Our captain. To this day we have ended all the booze. But this captain always have a stash. Opening deck cabin (forgotten as it is properly called), he fishes out an old bottle of beer. ABOUT! the glory of the creator! Solemnly her to drink.

24. Ochakov. At the approach to the Ukrainian coast began radiopredstavlenie. Who are, where sailing, Che is necessary, then forgotten, etc. In Turkey, we have never bothered at all border guards. And then - the birthplace of the mother of her.

25. Go to the estuary and the port. In the nose hits the smell of rot and blossom water. You see, it is green? She really was green. It is all in bloom and smells terrible. I would say as pipets stinks. Stomach instantly turned inside out. At customs acquaintances, so all the problems are solved quickly and without additional money.

26. make all the documents and vividly in his arms and legs full speed. Night out in Lyman for some place where you can sleep fine without this green stink.



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