Transition Sebastopol-Sinop on a yacht in the Black Sea

Writes blogger russos in his diary:

Well, it's time to take Sinop. Early in the morning we woke up refreshed and determined to pass the Ukrainian customs. The thing is, I tell you, not easy. Ukrainian customs - even those bureaucrats, like a pile of papers, authorizations, signatures and worship formalities. And, of course, want the money. But the Ukrainian customs wants them anytime and anywhere.

So in the evening we agreed with the port agent that he will issue all the papers in the morning. Himself, of course, is possible, but unrealistic. And so - 250 euros in his hands, plus a couple of hundred hryvnia. He settles all cases, pay all necessary and incidental expenses ... But we survived this ordeal. The officer checked the documents of the boat, the inventory of grub, property, money and valuables. We signed a paper on the topic of self-examination a sailboat that drugs, weapons and other things like that we do not have. Then check your passport and another captain Tuyev pile of papers that Vaughan fished from the depths of Cynthia. Finally, all the large round print set - we have been given the green light! The sea is calling! A little while back ago, in the very early morning ...

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Felling Cynthia. From left to right: Captain's coffin (sleeping compartment where Vaughan), the top radio station, then a diesel under the stairs, galley and more sleeping space.

The same bed, folding table, then the door to the latrine, which is the entrance to the nasal "cabin", and another berth. The yacht is designed for five. Over a sofa - the regiment, which littered the necessities junk under the bed - life jackets, grub and booze supply. Such nychki there under every bed. It is stored rescue equipment, and water supply of grub, booze, under the nose sofa - 150-liter water tank. And under the captain's coffin stored fuel cans and even the devil knows what.

Early morning in the yacht club. We are ready to sail.

Next to a large variety of small craft.

And not quite floating.

All customs behind. When you exit from the bay to meet again this warship. A couple of days ago, he went to the doctrine, is now returning home.

Pleased _boxa_ - finally back in the sea. He dreamed of a few years to get to Turkey on a yacht.

Dolphins. Look, it turns out, the Black Sea in the center of a transparent! Visibility to the depth of five meters exactly. It's great to see how the dolphins swim, what their dynamics and trajectories. But this I will rejoice on the way back. And while in the sea a strong north (passing) wind. And I feel sick. In the end, the evening I puke and forgotten what seasickness.

Volodya (vegus) Oleg folded whether spinnaker, or gennaker. We tried to go for it, but something did not get.

Kostya sneaks on the nose to release the jib and open it.

Places on the boat a little, frankly. And we need to hold her together for two weeks. All I saw for the first time, but all people are adequate, and we quickly became friends.

Like me, Volodya for the first time on a yacht. But we quickly got used to our responsibilities. Bring, bring, help and night on watch (4 hours) you entertain the steering so that he fell asleep.

Manage yacht was not very difficult, but the sails and the wind must feel the tip of his nose. I began to turn slightly towards the end of travel.
As we walked along the sea ZHPS receiver used as a safety net here this Sloop compass. The regular boat did not survive the winter, but then he stood up and began to show the price of firewood not on Mars, and in the right direction. The first night at sea on a yacht for me was the most terrible. I had regretted that got into it, I imagined how we're fucking drown ... In general, in order. After the watch I lay down to sleep in the bow cabin. At one point, I was awakened by a feeling of weightlessness - a boat on a wave flipped and I flew up to the ceiling, then I fell back on my ship tumbled library. Cursing, I stuffed the book back to the magazines again covered himself with a blanket and ... hit the ceiling again. The wind increased, the wave went steeper. The yacht was making a lot of strange and scary sounds, I thought she was going to fall apart and we all drown. But looking out of the cabin, I saw the watch in place, all is quiet. Someone sleeps, someone drinks water and something hamster, and some vodka and does not shrink. So there is no reason to panic. I calmed down and tried to sleep. It did not work - very hot. To wave is not soaked blankets and things, I had to close the hatch on the bow deck, and in front of the cabin turned the oven. Opensource projects, eh, that the night was still. Then I got used to the sounds and to the roll, and the rest of the night did not pay attention to such trifles.

On the morning of July 30, we finally turned off the Turkish coast. the morning went to the east, along the Turkish coast.
Turkish fishermen. Neither the Coast Guard nor any interest in our boat from the Turkish border guards, we have not seen. You could easily hit the beach anywhere, fish, swim or something, but it's not against the rules. While some sailors do so. We go to the Sinop to see the city and, most importantly, to execute documents on us, and yacht.

Rest after the watch.


And this is Sinop. Turkish boys learn to manage the sail.

Dense buildings throughout the city. What is the oldest part of that here - the new.

Approaching the port.

A lot of their boats, dozens of tourist-recreational Posudin. In the bay a couple of pieces with a sail boat and we are under the Ukrainian flag.
All customs formalities are very quick and easy. $ 20 per person for a visa, and 100 of the yacht. This means that a boat can go to any port in Turkey, up to the pier, to draw water, to spend the night there. Incidentally, the Law of the Sea of ​​any ship (if I remember correctly) can enter into any port, the crew ashore. But within the port and up to three hours. This time is enough to buy food and replenish water. Then we need to apply for the visa, or, or to get out.



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