Learning the sky on a hang glider

Please do not break the will of 10 photos and videos.
There is in the northeast of the small town of Belarus Syanno is right between Vitebsk and Orsha. Special architectural landmarks has unfortunately remained. But here is one that attracts many lovers of the sky - an abandoned airfield. In Soviet times, was used for the needs of small aircraft, airliners were even in the next town. Then, with the collapse of the Union of all come to desolation, but the runway is still more or less preserved. 15-20 years ago with commercials even hold some competitions, flying a large number of gliders. That's about it right now, and speech.
It happened just yesterday. Seeing in the sky big multicolored humming birds rushed to the airport, always wanted to fly. While preparing a bird for flight, asked the owner about the glider is an interesting hobby. Photos and videos made soap box, so that the appropriate quality).
Actually, the culprit, get acquainted - glider:


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The speed depends on the type of glider wing can be up to 150 km / h. I flew on slow wing, the speed of the order of 80 km / h ± wind. Generally almost all phones are homemade the basis of a petrol engine of Japanese cars (Honda, Subaru), as block head tsillinrov not iron and engine itself is much easier. Volume of engine different, here it is in the features and hands. Engine cooling water, the screw is made reducer, screw itself is made to order. From the words of the owner of this miracle I realized that almost everything else is made to order, and in Russia.
The price of the unit starts from 15 th. Green. But, as the source said, why pay a lot when there is a hand (totally agree). Photography landing apparatus:

Feeling of unreality, as if you are sitting in the air in the back seat of the motorcycle. Hold especially not for that, so frantically clutching my camera, I think, with a drop of 300 meters it would clearly benefit not matter. That's kind of the machine from the ground:

Thing for me was terrible - it's taking off and landing. Precision landing, take-off has not yet managed to scare. Generally, the entire flight took place in a dream, the more that came out absolutely spontaneous. I came, I asked, and flew. Several regretted his attire (shorts and jersey), yet there is much cooler) Here, in general, the flight itself:

Places we are beautiful, with a hand to the city do not drive up - you will pass by the lake.

Generally top all so good and beautiful. Flat fields, toy houses:

The largest lake is called rather trite - Senno.

In general - the sky is nice and peaceful. And I now have a dream ...

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In general, all ...

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