How can you trick your brain

Scientists have found a number of ways that can trick our brains, let's learn about them.

1. Procedure Gantsfelda

Procedure Gantsfelda a soft touch isolation technique, which was first proposed in experimental psychology in 1930. For this experiment, you need to configure the radio interference, to lie on the couch and using adhesive tape to attach the eyes of half of table tennis balls. Within a minute a person begins to experience hallucinations. Some people see the horses running in the clouds, while others hear the voice of a deceased relative.

The thing is that our mind is dependent on sensations and when they become very small, our brains begin to invent their own.

2. Reduction of pain

If you ever hurt yourself a little, take a look at the damaged part with an inverted binoculars - pain should decrease.

Scientists from the University of Oxford in the experiment have shown that if you look at the injured arm through the distal end of the binoculars, it visually reduces the size of the hand, as well as the pain and swelling. This suggests that even the basic sensations, such as pain, are dependent on our vision.

3. Pinocchio illusion

For this experiment you need two chairs and a blindfold. A man with a bandage sits in the back seat, giving a look at the front of a seated person. Then the one who blindfolded, holds out his hand and places it on the nose of the one who sits in front.

At the same time with the other hand he touches his nose and begins to gently caress the two nose. After a minute or more than 50% of people say that their nose is lengthened.

4. Cheating thinking


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