How to steal the latest gas turbine thermal power plants?

Writes Dmitry Chistoprudov:

Today I will tell a story about how I wanted to do the normal production report about the work of modern gas turbine power plant "Kolomenskoye". But the story is usually not turned. Before shooting, I was more than two hours protorchal 10 meters from the entrance - waiting for traffic police. All because inattentive Yusup Yakubzhanovich from sunny Uzbekistan his VAZ scratched me Bochin bastard. Pass the time waiting helped me GTPP officer, who told many interesting things about both the station itself and about the officials who want to steal it.

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1. At the 1st Kotlyakovskoe alley next to each other are two stations - RTS (district heating station) and gas turbine power plant (gas turbine power plant). Both of them are directly related to the inhabitants of the Southern Administrative District. Until 2009, the heat in the house supplied the old RTS. When built a new gas turbine power plant and allowed to work, the old station was closed.
RTS was built in the 60s of last century, the terrible buzzing (as well as the rest of the old RTS, or CHP) and throws in the Moscow atmosphere a whole slew of nasty things.
It was planned that in the framework of the city program to modernize the energy sector and elektroteplosetevogo new gas turbine power plant (and PTUch) will replace the old RTS (and TPP).

2. On the vacant lot and the former dump, next to the old station, for two years, was built the first private gas turbine power plant (genset) "Kolomenskoye", which was at that time the first example of the modernization of the energy sector. She showed the most advanced environmental and energy technologies. Construction of the station cost the investor $ 260 million of which $ 182 million were taken on credit. For the implementation of the project has been received more than a hundred permits and approvals. Future station employees were trained in Germany as to work with this technique required the highest qualification.

3. The difference from the conventional gas turbine power station RTS that the gas turbine power plant at the same time generates both heat and electricity, which allows more than 30% fuel savings. It should be added that such stations - environmentally friendly, as they practically do not smoke pipes.
After commissioning the genset "Kolomenskoye" experts from Siemens have recognized it the quietest power plants in Europe!

4. The principle of operation of the plant is simple. Clean air is fed into gas turbines through a complex air unit (CVU), located on the roof of the power plant.

5. genset installed three gas turbines SGT-800 production at Siemens IT 45 3 MW. Each turbine has a unique zvukoteploizoliruyuschy casing.

6. A CVU is supplied to the compressor pure air under high pressure is directed to the combustor where fuel is supplied and the ground - the gas. The mixture is ignited. During the combustion of gas-air mixture produces energy in the form of a stream of hot gases.

7. This flow rushes at high speed on the turbine wheel and rotates it. The rotational kinetic energy through the turbine shaft drives the electric generator.

8. For these pipes "flow" flows of electricity. With electric terminals generated electricity is sent through the transformer to the grid to consumers.


10. Czech transformer 63 MVA.

11. Station suitable conduit urban heating duct. Besides power generation plant utilizes heat of exhaust gas, thereby heats the water network.

12. Network pumps (blue boxes in the frame) is pumped incoming water through waste heat recovery boilers, which heat it up 140-150ยบ and sent back to the network for domestic hot water (hot tap water) and heating.

13. Stratagem pipes reminiscent saver "plumbing."

14. Two and a half years genset worked successfully, but now the station is stopped ...
It all started with the fact that on January 3 this year, the monopolist of heat networks company "MIPC" (Moscow Integrated Power Company) in coordination with the Deputy Mayor Biryukov stopped working power, blocking the release of heat from the gas turbine power plant in their heating systems. Without naming the causes and ignoring all sorts of negotiations.

15. It is necessary to give a little explanation. The station is private, but the pipe, which is heat to consumers belong to "MIPC", which, in turn, is fully controlled by Moscow authorities.
When the "MIPC" blocked tubes, the station stopped because the heat energy to put nowhere. And together with the power generation was stopped. Paradoxically, today genset itself and buys heat and electricity. In order not to lose the unique equipment.

16. On the day when the genset has been disabled (January 3), the fence puffed and rumble of its neighbor - an old RTS, stood for more than 2, 5 years without work, owned by the same "MIPC". For environmental indicators (in particular nitrogen dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere of the old RTS exceeds that of gas turbine power plant in 3-5 times, and the burned gas by 30-40% more. In addition to heat and roar old station did not produce.

January 19 on "MIPC" received "official statement." It has been said that, "since the genset high tariffs for heat, the" MIPC "terminates the contract for its purchase."
As explained by experts, rates are taken not from the ceiling. There are the Regional Energy Commission (REC Moscow). It sets the tariffs for heat energy for all producers, not by the producers themselves.
All organizations producing heat once a year served in the REC application with the calculations. The rate includes all costs for the production of thermal energy (salary workers + hardware + repair costs for the payment of the loan + lease of land, etc.).
OJSC "MIPC" and genset "Kolomenskoye" also filed these applications in 2012.

17. At the end of the year the REC found that the production of heat from gas turbine power plant will cost 1900 rubles / Gcal, while the "MIPC" - 1400 rubles / Gcal. Due to the fact that a new gas turbine power plant, and must pay the cost of upgrading and RTS - old and she had nothing to pay.
In the near future it will be obvious that more money will be needed for the overhaul of the RTS, and the public will have to shell out.
In the case of gas turbine power plant - all the way around. Today, in accordance with the investment contract for the construction, the station incorporated in the tariff payments on loans. By 2014 th station is equal Tariff traditional stations "MIPC", and in February 2018 the first (after the calculation of loan) rate will decrease by more than 50% and will be about 900rub / Gcal.

18. Another interesting point: the annual "MIPC" is paid the difference between "high" and "low" rate. As compensation for the upgrade. And this year the company has already received about $ 2 billion. Rubles for gas turbine power plant "Kolomenskoye", which for some reason she does not return. But it does not include a gas turbine power plant. Where's the money?

19. At the closing of the gas turbine power plant is associated with the change of leadership "MIPC" in the face of Andrei Likhachev. Because downtime station carries kolosalnye losses. This pressure on the owners of "genset" typical raids. First, the company in various ways not allowed to work, and then the owners through intermediaries offer to cede ownership of the funny money. And so on, the standard scheme.
In order to maintain the equipment in good condition, the management station must be broken to pay 1 million rubles. a month for maintenance. And the funny thing is that in the open position Kolomna gensets must pay monthly MIPC for purchasing heat for maintaining their own.

The amazing story! By turning off the genset from the network, "MIPC" violated at least 5 of the Law of the Russian Federation:
- Article 10 of the Civil Code, which states that actions restricting competition, the more taken by the monopoly (MIPC monopoly in Moscow) are prohibited.
- The second part of the Civil Code, which regulates the procedure for termination of the contract of supply. Based on her MIPC it has no right to cancel the contract with the genset (terminate it).
- Federal Law "On Heat Supply" in terms of the fact that the contract between the producer and the owner of the thermal energy networks should be mandatory, ie can not be avoided, and to the extent that the price of heat is determined by the state by establishing tariff.
- The law "On natural monopolies" and the Law "On Protection of Competition", as Actions MIPC prevent output gensets market of heat, and therefore prohibited.
And no one is paying attention! The more I learned the information, the more I am struck by the fact of indifference on the part of those who should protect strategic assets in our country ...

20. The main power station, located at the "MIPC", built in the middle of the last century, leading to relevant issues and inefficiency because of outdated and regular technical breakthroughs. All of these problems fall on the residents of the city. It is no coincidence one last year to 25% price increase for heat. This is a fee for the maintenance of older facilities afloat. New same capacity guarantee tariff reduction of 50 per cent or more ...

21. GTPP "Kolomenskoye - a completely new plant, with an efficiency of gas consumption at 6, 5 times higher than that of the corresponding old plants" MIPC "4 times lower cost an order of magnitude quieter and 5 times of ecological safety. It is evident that it was built for the people, for the people she will be heated, and for those who will work on it. Look at the beauty freezes very sad. I think that the example of a gas turbine power plant could be a signal to other private investors to minimize their plans to invest in the energy sector.



24. I was always interested to look inside the pipe and found that there ...

25. And there - and n h e r oh!

26. Draft station won the Moscow competition "The best project implemented in 2009 in the field of investment and construction."

27. Now the station is stopped, performance at zero. This is despite the fact that energy is now so lacking in the cold ...




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