Life clothespins. Wedding (11 photos)

Good for PL favorite!

not the first time I read favorite site, as always learn from here all the fun, even watch the news it is not necessary)))
Sometimes there are even more interesting kamenty of the news)) YaPovtsy most creative people, you have to enter the nationality such as the YaPovets)))

In general, I now would like to not only the post published. but also to ask you for advice

kreoideya found me, I wanted something unusual and decided to arrange a wedding clothespins))) Yeah this is normal subjects decided to arrange a holiday, they, too, want

Nafotkal, posted on a website in a few hours decided to check how quickly indexed my site, launched in search for the first picture, and what I saw shocked me my photo was around ... on a heap of entertainment sites with funny ... Group cr ... and circle Ator presents people I certainly do not know, and my kamenty that my photo, just an insult toward me (((
In general, my thoughts on the subject in the last report, and now own all images 11shtuk


Well, as without prischepochnogo photographer



6. Well, no cat on Yap bottoms))) here it is a miracle metal)

7. bride with cat

8. young couple in love

9. again Bride

10. For many the question arises of what the camera is made from prischepochnogo photographer? polymer clay), his camera - this is my earring, that's all set

And in general, that the main thing ... about the theft of the photos!

I always give all your photos with a signature. but apparently for whom it is not a barrier ...

besides that dragged, so also do not want to remove photos, or put a link to me!

I wrote to the site admins who have found their photos, of course they 10 answered only one! I put my name in the authors and a link to my site

But the rest, of which not a few simple morozyatsya ... on one site wrote a bunch kamentov and just zadolbali administrators removed the letters after my pictures ...

And actually the question: what to do in this case ??

options for my decision:
1. The goal of this case ... it's all useless. write them and what the asking. Just be glad that my picture does have something of value to anyone, even if they do erasing kopirayda

2. to ensure that the photos were removed from all sites, write to administrators and shitting in kamentah

3 ... I do not know. can anyone else have options?

on the screenshot of the cases ... not nice all the same ...



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