Gifts for the New Year - in a hurry!

The horror that is happening now in the shopping centers, it is difficult to convey in words. People grab whatever horrible thing that had something for a gift for the New Year. Not to imitate this gray mass we gathered possible New Year gifts that can be purchased with the mind, not in turmoil, the hustle and bustle. Something, yes you will attract. So, let's begin.

Without what can not be any holiday, and especially the New Year? That's right - without a feast! We have a way to turn an ordinary meal into the most fun. Through the game with nearly the same name, "The most a drinking gameĀ»

Even such a monotonous workflow serving as a desktop can be turned into a fun treat. Prepare each personal task by placing a certain card, a glass stand.

A "periodic system use" tells you what drinks do not have enough on your New Year's table. Or another option - the game "Who is the greatest." With such a "alkokarty" you can determine the most experienced in the company.

Festival is in full swing, which means it's time for the secret revelations. For their togas to "fish" person quite some strong drinks. But others are not so easily degrees. Especially for the taciturn game was invented by "big secret." Rest assured - all the secrets will be revealed. What matters is that in the morning you can look into each other's eyes.

The company always people with different interests, and activities for the New Year must be chosen for their subject of interest. No problem - especially for gambling - "Casino".

For the intellectuals and supporters of mental activity - Multiple-games "Pro", which includes 5 types of games and 7, respectively.

Incidentally, the "Pro" is suitable also for gambling - playing cards, backgammon, dominoes.

Do not forget that the New Year looking forward to not only adults but also children. And while adults amuse themselves in their games, will be busy with their rebetnya zveryata with warm hearts. Toys-warmers not only cheer your beloved child, but will warm their warmth. Inserted inside a special bag that is sufficiently warm in the microwave for 1 minute, put it back in the toy and enjoy the warmth of your favorite animal: rabbit, monkey, zhirafika, frog, dog, pig, or owls.

And finally, an original gift to the man she loved - creative notebooks. They help to structure thought, to spread out "on the shelves" of the case, make plans for the coming days.

And for family - daily "family budget" and notes "Kama Sutra." The latter, however, can not family


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