Comparisons of schools in the United States and Russia

Let's compare the internal and external interior schools of Russia and the United States and make a conclusion, one better financing and design capabilities.
While it is difficult to talk about the financial component, think how much money we hand over to the school and where do they go?
This question remains open.
There likely will discuss the humanity and decency.

Let's start with the corridors. Somehow start, everything has to be brown. Apparently, there is a yellow-green fences in Moscow, all "for the people": and soothes and does not relax. I have been in many schools throughout Russia. So only a few walls have seen other colors: white and green, which is also, in principle, is terrible. Note that in most institutions do redecorating more frequently than once every five years, but hard "design" is left unchanged. At the end of the post I will explain how I see the solution to the problem.

Furniture for schools, especially old ones, often changing. So why not buy a beautiful? If buyers have no taste, give to the regional level. There is still a problem in public procurement - for the order taken someone who will take less, regardless of quality.

Well if the old school, built in poor times, but he has a new look outdated. On the topic of Russian architecture have argued Varlamov: "In Russia, a good-quality modern architecture, we simply do not have the customer. Therefore, no architects - they are not wanted. Even if there is a desire to do something good, the project is destroyed in the implementation phase, begins when the savings on technology and materials. As long as there is a struggle for the square meters, and construction costs, nothing but glass and plastic sheds will be built. But what bothers me more, people do not understand the architecture. Look around, all these pseudo-classic lurid sheds, all of these houses from computer games, all these vulgar gypsy palaces, they did not just appear. They appear as you like, they like the chief architect of your city, they like your neighbors, Dorval to money and power. " Nothing to add. Open source school with 100 seats is from 30 to 50 million rubles, and in 1000 - 500-600 million rubles. Prices are very varied.

At the bottom of the school opened in the last five years (the best):

Schools in England, Canada and the United States:

If someone says that, they say, in Europe allocate more money (very funny, especially after the incident with scanners and the Olympics), here is a budget option:

Lucky if the dining room is in the same building as the school.

Even in the steep upper secondary schools are no better.

They, in general, the whole country is jealous (in Moscow):

Well, trying to, you know. For them, it's probably "krasoten" but hang a photo of roses in the corridor! I would mimimishnyh animals hung: it would be more fun.

British school and I (long time ago):



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