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The famous traveler told the story of Salekhard, its inhabitants and traditions.

Reindeer Herder's Day - an annual celebration, which brings together hundreds of residents of the tundra. The holiday lasts for almost a month and passes where the maximum accumulation of herders during koslaniya - seasonal moving from winter to summer pastures. In addition, these festivities provide an opportunity for young people to meet, as tribal communities live in isolation and are often separated from each other. The same principle arranged Ёrdynskie games on Lake Baikal, about which I spoke recently. I spent a couple of days in Salekhard and produced several reports on the city, herders and their traditions ...

From Moscow flew two charter. There were so many people - not only journalists, but also delegates on small peoples of the north, which was held in conjunction with the Day of the reindeer herders. From the airport, we were immediately taken to the sculpture dedicated to the fact that in Salekhard passes the polar circle. Local residents, this geographical feature is no longer in awe, so stele called "fork with sausage»:

The organization was good: each group had its own gazelle, gazelles each - two attendants. In terms of logistics it was convenient, but smacked a hint of bast guided tours:

After dances around the stele and "swim" through a "trickle" of trochees (long sticks with which controlled deer), we have received certificates of the Arctic Circle:


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