Tour of Salekhard. Day Three (30 photos)

The famous traveler continues to acquaint us with the harsh life of Salekhard.
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On the third day we left Labytnangi walk in Salekhard.

On the move I first saw the car of Sberbank of Russia. Perhaps bringing in money to the North cars:

Actually, like most northern cities, twenty years ago Salekhard consisted of single-storey buildings and barracks. Now the city here and there there are colorful buildings and on the whole it makes a strange impression. It seems the city in general there is no principle or development plan - every building he wants and the result is an eclectic chaotic.

Though the city and the north, on the walls of a bunch of air conditioners:

Main Street:

All the first floor from the street brought to stores (on the reverse side - residential entrances). Many houses are on stilts. Sometimes they hide decorative panels:

In the market right from the storms trade herders. Sell, among other things - reindeer skins. Tanned hides can be purchased for 1300 rubles:


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