Tour of Salekhard. Day Two (36 photos)

The famous traveler continues to acquaint us with the harsh life of Salekhard.
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Finished sightseeing and the official program of the first day, we went to visit a real reindeer herders. Harsh conditions and life of nomads - not for wimps. Read more about it in today's post ...

After dinner, we went to the hotel, which was located in Labytnangi. From Salekhard drove for about 20 minutes and it seemed to me that this is just the area, but locals believe it to other city:

Labytnangi is on the other bank of the Ob, no bridges and roads to it are not present. In summer, people smuggled on the ferry, and in winter on the ice. Winter roads are constantly watered and is frozen to the ice was thicker and smoother:

The sculpture of a mammoth on the road:


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