Wombat caddies and charming Chloe

Little Wombat, who was given the nickname Caddy (Caddy), lives in the heart of the Australian Animal Rescue Warrandyte Wildlife Shelter in Melbyuurne. He was found in the wild near the dead mother.
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Since wombats marsupials to caddy sewed a special bag in which it is almost all the time. Plus, we put a number of plush toys, so he did not feel lonely.

Sauvarin Linda (Linda Sauvarin), center manager, admits that Caddy terribly nice and it grows well. When he did, it weighed just 900 grams and now weighs 2 kg 2.

Caddies are fed every four hours of special milk formula, and when he grows up enough and will weigh no less than 25 kg, it is released back into the wild.

Wombats large marsupial rodents that inhabit Australia. Wombat reach a length of 70 to 120 cm and weight 20 to 45 kg. The females give birth to just one calf a year and nurture it in a special pouch in the lower abdomen, like a kangaroo, but the hole is rotated in the opposite direction, so that when digging it did not get the land.

Wombats - the largest of modern mammals involved rytёm and spending most of their lives underground. With its sharp claws, they dig in the ground a small cave dwelling, which sometimes form a complex tunnel system. eat the young shoots of grass. Sometimes the food consumed as roots, mosses, mushrooms and berries



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