"Dead Man's Bluff" Yesterday and Today

Today I want to show you Nizhny how he saw a wonderful director Alexei Balabanov in the film "Dead Man's Bluff". Sami shooting took place about 10 years ago, and the film was released in 2005. Judging by the pictures even in 10 years the city has changed dramatically.
Nizhny Novgorod themselves, who know their city, it is surprising that in this film, as the main characters move around the city within a dialogue - geographically it is simply impossible, unless, of course, they did not invent the portal. But all the rest of it and did not notice. By the way, in fact, the city we have not so provincial and dull, as shown in the film - Balabanov specifically chose the most posharpannye places from which it would seem that this is the beginning of 90th.

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Stadium "Vodnik". Now he is even more broken than it was ...

Tepe he's so

Machines for Pecherke. Still working

Yes, this is a rarity

Pochainskaya settlement

This same street and bridge

Small Yamska


Small Yamska



now better

Church of Elijah the Prophet

The car is already expensive

McDuck on a cot

He also

Lower Volga embankment

ochent not changed much

Lower Volga embankment

fresh look

. Pechersk


In view of the Haymarket Square Pechersk

New Town

Quay Fedorovsk

made repairs

Quay Fedorovsk

repairs done

Quay Fedorovsk over Stroganov church

Quay Fedorovsk over Stroganov church

Upper Volga embankment

Girls do not

Stadium Vodnik

Kind of the same

The rise of the square of Minin and Pozharsky

Not changed

In the area of ​​Ulyanov

This house still stands




Not much has changed house

Unfortunately, the house was demolished, so that there was only a memory photo

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