A few days in the life of a sailor.

I have a longtime friend, I was in the same class, after graduation, he was gone. I must say he was modest and taciturn man. Only a few months we have learned from his mother that he had gone to arrive in St. Petersburg in Merchant Navy. Were surprised, but given what we know about his study at the art school only in the 10th grade, I thought - well, Che, it can be expected. Then dispersed in all directions, one friend had served in Chechnya, I studied at the Institute ...
It's been 19 years since we left school, we meet at every opportunity, though not as often as we would like. Sometimes he arrives to his parents, and last year I got him for a week.
He understood how you became after a sailor, and given artistic talent also a good photographer. But because of his modesty does not like to show off their creations. It has its merits accumulated a vast collection of photographs, some I managed him tisnut and with his permission, I'll post them here.
These photos taken during one of the voyages of the United States somewhere in Asia.
So we go as far as possible will be a little comment.

The action takes place on the freighter Star Theta.
That flight carried grain residents dying ... it does not matter.
On loading.

As we were taught that the bread its weight in gold in America probably do not think so.

But cormorants have something to eat.

Parahod infection very long

They went out into the ocean, the view from the bow to the stern.

Go to the side of the Panama Canal. I must say that the huge ship, and the crew of twenty people with little. So what you see is usually a Coke, and says there is no one and can not be found ...

A small wave on the way.

I must say such beautiful sunsets and sunrises hell where you will meet, but in the ocean ...


Or not quite in the ocean ...

Around water

Traffic Counter

It's somewhere in the United States ... it was necessary to insert in the beginning, but oh well.

Misipisi ... Mississippi ...

Another feathered

Ahead of the Panama Canal.

Match the right in a number of locomotives are.

In general, I can imagine how it all works, but still ...
These teplovoziki lead us on the gateway.

Actually we enter into it.


Puffing but pulled

For our next

Right now, he will begin to rise. (Photos are clickable.)


Go ahead, on the right seems to strengthen the bank.


Most do not remember the name.

Load the pilot





Traffic is very lively


There are ships and smaller.

Around beauty



For dessert, a few landscapes.



A few more pictures beginning of the path fell on the road ...

Bridge over misisipi

In the evening on the loading.

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This is unfortunately all I apologize for the somewhat muddled narrative.
I envy him, he had already walked almost the whole world, and over a glass of tea and loves to talk about the "birds" and in the holds of pirate ... about the storm at all tough!
That's all I wanted to say.



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