One of my working days

On Yap I've been reading posts and often see stories about their working day from different people. I also wanted to tell a little about their work.
I work in Russia Post a night employee support.
Work, for the most part, monotonous - there keyboard does not work, then the printer. But there are days and interesting, or rather the night.
It will be about 25 photos and some text.
I apologize for the quality and quantity. The camera in the phone is not ice and sometimes forgot to take a picture)

Beginning of the day at 6pm. On arrival at the office, at the door waiting for me a new picture that hung employees work day.

Notes from daytime colleagues will tell what I have to deal with today)

Check out what's new and write a favorite that I have to work - in the first place!

The second - the chemical brew coffee =)

Call from Paveletskaya station: the printer is not working. Udalenke connect on and wait until the operator has finished =)

Operator's work was delayed by as much as an hour and at that time I got a call from the Kazan station. It is next door, so going there =)

I went out to smoke and decided to take a picture of the window, the driver waiting for loading

The operator has to work and see what all the same happened with the printer.
Wind, shakes updates from our server and stored them in the root of drive C and the folder vindus. As a result, 8 KB of 75 GB occupied. Cash print left) picked clean. I weigh folder with Windows and made a screen.

Traffic congestion and less like you can go!) I called the dispatcher and ask the car. Five minutes later, I called back - the car at the entrance, it's time to gather.
That's what I have to take another to Leningrad Station

Major lifts have between floors, but there is also on the floors, but they are turned off after 8pm. Hour fought lifter trying to convince me to lift included) to drag this edifice with 12 floors is not very easy)
As a result, the elevator man came and showed me a lift Chief! (Only tssss!)
It even plays music. It is a pity that the trip was not long.

On the way to the wall paneling around 25-30 minutes at night. Let's go.

My task - to embroider socket on one side and on the other switch.

Tragically, not all know the word ethics. More than one server has not been signed. I connect each in turn and look.
It is a server. keyboard dust in the room temperature is such that the bananas must be grown. The procedure is, but not here)
I forgot to take a picture, but the room is has two purposes!)) Yet there are three rows of bottles with antifreeze)

Gallery with information load is no more, but I will add that on the night expecting a lot of trouble, however, about three o'clock in the morning I was in the office)

Here's a couple of hours later, the road

That's all! Thank you for your attention!))

Yes, by the way)) Here are more doors are) 4 people believe working hours 20 pax))))



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