Robin Hoods necessarily

And shed the city money rain. And there were all the residents happy. Only one of the inhabitants, or the most sluggish, or the most greedy, did not have time to carry out its prey, was tied and stripped of the catch.
A few days ago the basement happiness residents Belgian Zedelgem. Several experts in theft and burglary umyknuli from the apartment of one of the respectable citizens of his personal safe, reasoning that he alone can not be the same amount to learn. Police disagreed. Took chase, during which the expropriating reasoning that once the money is not them, and it is not the former owner, hurled already open the safe on the road. And updraft caught dumped out of the safe and notes that spilled over the city blessed rain.
People appreciated the generous gesture and gratefully accepted a gift from heaven. In what is already there who shares got one knows, because the detainees was only one collector manna from heaven. Someone Jose Maertens whether too carried away by the process and missed the arrival of the police, or simply a brake on life, but his dlyu no zanykat or did not have time to carry out, but tried to escape. And all the back-breaking labor in the harvest of ten thousand euros went to the police station.
The rest of the dispute and safely stretched unexpected gifts to their homes and, despite the pangs of police in unconsciousness, did not return a single euro.
In short, our people. A Th normal share. The rich have taken, distributed to the poor. Th resent that?


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