Work to eliminate damage to the heating duct completed

During the day, experts Territorial Administration of District Heating in Samara made pumping water, ground opening, dismantling concrete trays and damaged fragment pipeline, clipping, and a new docking portion of the pipe, and welding works, which were completed at 22:40 on April 3.

Recall, April 3 in Samara were working to repair the pipeline heating diameter of 800 mm in the area of ​​a dwelling house on the street. Tashkent, 153. At the time of the work was limited to the supply of heat in the Kirov region in the borders of the streets. Dimitrova - st. Stara Zagora - pr. Kirova, in an industrial area in the borders of the streets. Dimitrova - st. Democratic - st. Sun, in the October district on the street. 5th rides, only 702 sites.

As the press service of VoTGK, as of April 4 5:35 heating duct operating normally. In cooperation with housing organizations are working on connecting consumers.
Some facts.

Trays of heating , and, of course, plates of heating used in industrial and civil engineering for the device pipelines for various purposes. Their use allows you to quickly get the desired result. Channel design of the trays can be used in normal soil conditions and in the construction of special conditions: on subsiding soils, the presence of high groundwater level, when dealing with seismicity up to 9 points inclusive

Plates of heating used for blocking the channels under the pipes for various purposes. They protect the heat pipeline from the physical damage, as well as achieve significant savings in heat. Reinforcement plates and trays of heating used steel class AI, A-III, Bp-I. When operating in a hostile environment to them, as of heating plate is further coated with protective substances. Blockquote>


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