20 lessons of life from turtles

20 photo cards
1. Even if you feel small, open look in the face of fate.

2. Once the sun rise again.

3. In the morning, look in the mirror, remember that you are worthy of great things in life.

4. And remember, all at your fingertips.

5. Do not be shy.

6. svyknites with their cranky.

7. True friends will not leave you, even if you're not like everyone else.

8. Life - is a constant balancing act. But that's no reason not to enjoy it.

9. Even the best of us have to deal with difficulties.

10. Sometimes you have to take the plunge, no matter what your friends think.

11. Do not neglect their safety.

12. Among the concerns do not forget about the little pleasures.

13. Eat what you love.

14. Pamper yourself sometimes.

15. Do not forget that someone may need your help.

16. Talk to your friends and family how much you love them.

17. Hobby - an important part of your life.

18. ... and it can be shared with friends.

19. Plan your time.

20. Never forget what you present!




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