Exotic animals seized while trying to smuggle

Smugglers take out exotic animals, many of which are on the verge of extinction, tens, hundreds, and another, and kilograms. Sometimes it is possible to delay the attackers, though God knows what percentage of such crimes can be prevented and how many criminals remain unpunished and many animals are killed in the course of transportation here.
See the description of the collection in a few cases catch smugglers specializing in exotic animals that have taken place over the past month and a half.

One of many small Indian roofing turtles that were seized on June 2 in Bangkok, the Thai authorities when trying to smuggle out of the country.

Total during the raid were seized more than four hundred and fifty Indian roofing turtles, 35 young starry turtles, crocodiles five-gavials and other exotic animals, only a total of 1 million Baht (33 thousand dollars). All this human cargo smugglers trying to carry the baggage. At the same time, owners of smuggled luggage managed to escape before they managed to arrest the police.

Earlier in May this year, customs officers in Manila managed to detain the goods for a total of 35 million pesos (808 million dollars), which was 161 stuffed sea and green turtles, about 21 thousand pieces of black corals, more than 7, 3 million sea shells and 196 kilograms octocorals Muricea.

And this 2-month-old baby leopard - one of many exotic animals smuggler from Saudi Arabia was trying to hold in suitcases through the airport in Bangkok on May 13. The luggage was at the Arab almost a zoo!


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